St. Mary's Rockville Kindergarten Aide Job Opening

St. Mary's Rockville Kindergarten Aide

Archdiocese of Washington

Rockville, Maryland

Kindergarten teacher assistants help the teacher with each days tasks and activities, such as setting up games, gathering supplies for craft sessions, and assisting with the preparation and facilitation of field trips.Kindergarten teacher assistants assess each childs emotional and developmental needs by evaluating their progress and speaking to parents at parent-teacher conferences so that they can give students tasks that suit their requirements.A key part of this job is maintaining an organized and clean classroom to assist the teacher with their duties and ensure that children are learning in a safe and hygienic environment.Kindergarten teacher assistants monitor students at all times to ensure their safety and make sure that school policies are enforced throughout the day. This helps children learn to follow rules properly and stay safe.Must be willing to comply with all ADW Background Checks and Child Protection Policies.