RN Navigator - Diagnostic Imaging Job Opening

RN Navigator - Diagnostic Imaging

Alaska Regional Hospital

Anchorage, Alaska
Category: Health Educator


SHIFT: No Weekends

SCHEDULE: Full-time


Alaska Regional Hospital consistently achieves top ratings and recognition for outstanding quality performance and excellent clinical outcomes. To achieve this level of high-quality, compassionate patient care, we depend on the collaborative efforts of our entire team, from physicians, to clinical specialists, and support staff. Anchorage is a thriving community offering plenty of opportunities to have fun. Alaska boasts some of the most incredible scenic beauty around the world and draws visitors year-round who come for a vacation and end up making Alaska home.

POSITION SUMMARY: The Clinical Nurse Navigator functions as a member of the multidisciplinary team as an advocate and educator for patients from point of entry, through diagnostic studies, and diagnosis process, then ensures continuity of care with a hand off to the Cancer Navigator for treatment plan for cancer through survivorship. The Nurse Navigator will function as a coordinator and a member of the clinical team upon request from a referring provider for a biopsy procedure.

The Nurse Navigator’s primary function is to build a relationship with patients and physicians, to coordinate a plan of care including appointments, transportation, education, provision and / or enablement of support services and representation within the multidisciplinary care environment. This would include but not limited to; pre-procedure documentation review with radiologists, pre-procedure call with the patient, intraprocedure support for the patient and radiologist, post procedure coordination of care, follow up call with patient, and assurance of pathology results being addressed.
The Clinical Nurse Navigator also assumes responsibility and accountability for the management of resources to achieve efficient, high quality outcomes for each cancer patient including support for interdisciplinary and cross facility collaboration e.g. tumor boards, and referrer communication.

The Clinical Nurse Navigator will serve as a liaison between the patient and family, primary care physician, internal and external care providers, specialists, referrers, support network members e.g. social workers, and the wider healthcare community during the invasive process of diagnosis. This role will include conducting internal and external outreach and marketing.


LICENSE REQUIRED: Registered Nurse – State of Alaska


CERTIFICATIONS: BLS and ACLS Required. Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN) completed or in progress




Radiology: Population Served
Core competencies will be assessed primarily on the following patient population(s) served for radiologic exams: Skeletal and all body systems including but not limited to: pulmonary, cardiac/cardiovascular, GI, GU/GYN, oncology, etc.

þ All Populations
q Patient with Communication Needs
  • Patient at the End of Life

q Patient in Isolation
q Precautions
q Patient in Custody


Skills: Radiological imaging positions/ techniques appropriate to ages
Performs pregnancy assessment in females of child bearing age
Assesses age specific radiation safety issues: gonadal shielding
Appropriately interprets patient data regarding injury/illness related to x-ray to be performed
Team Training
Medical/healthcare error reporting

Patient Identification
Fall prevention measures during radiology procedures

CDC Hand Hygiene Guidelines
Verbal orders read back & verified

Medication Safety for Radiology
Look-alike, sound alike medications

High Risk Meds: Ionic injections
Labeling meds/solutions on & off sterile field

Medication reconciliation
Radiation safety measures
Universal Protocol procedure for correct patient/procedure/site

þ Infant (Newborn -1 year)
þ Child/Pediatric (1-12 years)

þ Adolescence (13-18 yrs)
þ Adult (19-65 yrs)
þ Geriatric (66 + yrs)



q Less than high school
q High school or GED
q Vocational/Technical
q 2 year/Associate Degree
þ 4 year/Bachelor Degree
q Post Graduate Degree
þ Knowledge of State of Alaska law, Nurse Practice Act, Federal/CMS regulations and Joint Commission standards
q Knowledge of specialty equipment and tools
þ Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (preferred)
þ Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN) completed or in progress (preferred)

þ Three years procedural nursing experience.
þ Moderate sedation administration nursing experience
þ Experience in program development, leadership and customer service preferred.


þ Organizational
þ Verbal/Follow verbal instructions
þ Interpersonal
þ Customer Relations
þ Mathematical
þ Analytical
þ Grammar/Spelling
þ Read/Comprehend/Follow written instructions
þ Transcription
þ Computer
  • Department Specific:

þ Management/Planning Skills
þ Minimum score of 80 on Nursing medication test

Manage stress appropriately:

þ Make decisions under pressure
þ Handle multiple priorities

þ Work alone
þ Work in areas that are confined and/or crowded
þ Attention to detail


þ Exposure to toxic/caustic/ chemicals/detergents
q Exposure to extreme conditions, hot/cold
þ Exposure to dust/fumes/gases
þ Exposure to moving mechanical parts
þ Exposure to potential electrical shock

þ Exposure to x-ray/electromagnetic energy
þ Exposure to high pitched noises
þ Exposure to communicable diseases