Educ Asst - Title I/MOWR - Desert Willow Job Opening

Educ Asst - Title I/MOWR - Desert Willow

Casa Grande Elementary School District

Casa Grande, Arizona
Category: Assistant Teacher

The job of Education Assistant - Title I is done for the purpose of improving students' success in the basic academics; monitoring students in a variety of settings; and relieving teachers of clerical tasks.

Acts as a translator for students, staff, and parents; assists students in computer lessons; assists the teacher in providing direct instruction to students who experience difficulties with reading and math; confers with teachers, as may be required; instructs small groups of students, as appropriate, in reading/language arts, writing, and mathematics in close proximity of the teacher; facilitates the parent involvement activities; maintains classroom equipment, work areas, student files/records, e.g. clean up after various class projects, entering grades, adapting instructional materials, audiovisual equipment, etc.; monitors students during assigned periods within a variety of school environments, e.g. classrooms, rest rooms, hallways, cafeteria, labs, field trips, etc.; organizes instructional materials; participates in in-service workshops and training; performs record keeping and clerical functions, e.g. scheduling, copying, instructional materials, correcting papers, compiling lists, etc.; provides instructional support services within the classroom, as well as within the school's media center; provides one-on-one tutoring, if scheduled at a time when the student would not otherwise receive instruction from a teacher; responds to emergency situations, e.g. injured student, fights, etc.; assists other personnel as may be required.

Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent; pre-employment proficiency test; Criminal Justice/fingerprint clearance.

Experience desired.

This is a 10 month School Year position only.