PCA Personal Care Assistant Job Opening

PCA Personal Care Assistant

Hearts and Hands of Care

Anchorage, Alaska
$15.00 - $16.00 an hour — Full-time, Part-time
Category: Assistant Teacher

Job Description

Job Title

Personal Care Attendant

Primary Function

To assist an individual with performing activities of daily living

according to personal need.


Works under the direct supervision of the consumer/employer.

Age Requirement

Care Providers must be at least eighteen years of age to provide personal care services


  • High school diploma or GED (preferred but not required)


Six months to one year of work experience as a PCA is preferred, but not required


  • Effective written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to be at work on time as scheduled
  • Ability to maintain a confidential working relationship
  • Good personal organizational skills
  • Ability to follow oral and written instructions


  • Working knowledge of signs and symptoms of common illnesses and


  • Equivalent combination of education, experience, skill and knowledge

will be considered

Personal Care Attendant Services

Job Duties

  • Assist with bathing and/or toileting activities
  • Assist with grooming/dressing activities
  • Assist with transfers and mobility activities as directed
  • Assist with household chores
  • Assist with transportation activities
  • Assist with meal preparation and dining
  • Assist with medications as directed

Performance Evaluation

Performance will be evaluated by the consumer/employer, based on job

description and/or contract.

Personal Care Attendant Job Duties

Personal care attendants offer services based on the specific needs of their clients, so their daily tasks vary. Some may do minor housework such as laundry, food shopping and meal preparation. Aides will often help clients get into and out of bed and dress and undress. They also run errands, bathe and groom the client.

Depending on the personal care attendant's specialty, one may also provide psychological support and instructions for their families on nutrition. Other tasks that aides perform are emptying bedpans, changing soiled bed linens and caring for disoriented patients. It is important for personal care attendants to be able to communicate with their clients, be able to read nonverbal and verbal body language and be able to respond properly to emergency situations.

Personal Care Attendant Job Description

Personal care attendants help disabled, chronically ill and cognitively challenged older people. Some personal care attendants simply assist recently-released patients who have short-term needs. In many cases they take care of these clients in their homes.

They may also provide their services in hospices or outside of the home to keep the clients involved in community activities. Their presence is often required for the elderly or the physically/mentally disabled, who need more help than their family or friends are able to provide.

Personal care attendants are also known as personal and home care aides, companions and caregivers. One attendant may have four or five clients at a time, which requires that they carefully schedule their time between clients.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $15.00 to $16.00 /hour