Project Search Skill Trainer/Employment Trainer (Full Time) Job Opening

Project Search Skill Trainer/Employment Trainer (Full Time)

Aptiv (formerly Riverfront Inc.)

Janesville, Wisconsin
$12.00 an hour

QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma, experience with youth and adults with disabilities preferred.

REPORTS TO: Varies Usually reports to supported employment agency

JOB GOAL: To provide training and support for students, business co-workers, families, and district personnel to insure success during the worksite rotations and/or a competitive job.


KEY RESULT AREA: To facilitate the training and integration of a student with disabilities in a worksite rotation and/or competitive work environment.

  • Provides individualized support for intern during the internship rotation in order for the intern to acquire competitive and marketable skills. This could include: Systematic Instruction to teach and break down tasks, building natural supports, developing accommodations, identifying appropriate assistive technology, etc.
  • Communicates effectively with Project SEARCH Instructor, other skills trainers, internship department managers /mentors, co-workers, family members, and school and agency personnel as it relates to the student being trained.
  • Perform specific task analysis, especially when student is challenged to learn and perform tasks to a productive and quality level.
  • Assist with completing the Vocational Fit Assessment to determine the abilities of the intern, the demands of the internship tasks and assist the team to make meaningful matches
  • Carries out steps of job coaching plan with students and other parties as appropriate.
  • Work with consumers, employers, families, job placement specialist, agency personnel, affiliate school personnel and other appropriate parties to problem solve issues related to training and employment.
  • Practice positive reinforcement techniques with students, co-workers, and other staff.
  • Trains students in the areas of grooming, hygiene, communication, interviewing, and behavior as they relate to successful employment.
  • Provides travel training to the host business and job site when necessary.
  • Communicates with Project SEARCH instructor to make final decisions regarding any issues that may affect student success at an internship or competitive job site. These decisions may be related to continued skills training, fading, behavior, job tasks, etc.
  • Attends training provided by school district personnel to become knowledgeable of strategies and current "best practices" in the field of supported employment.
  • Participates in decision making process to identify and implement training strategies and/or services with other Project SEARCH staff and host business staff.


KEY RESULT AREA: Responsible for performing those duties and activities that are conducive for an effective and efficient daily operation.

  • Adheres to and promotes standards of the host business and/or competitive work site in order to promote performance, productivity, quality and efficiency.
  • Submits and completes appropriate paperwork.
  • Recognizes and acts concerning the safety and welfare of the consumers.
  • Demonstrates daily work assignment responsibilities: is accountable for all hours assigned, is punctual and regular in attendance, and attends appropriate training activities.


KEY RESULT AREA: Responsible for personal characteristics necessary to develop attributes consistent with the educational community.

  • Participates in professional growth activities such as conferences, in-services, etc.
  • Is an effective role model.
  • Shows enthusiasm and a sense of humor.
  • Exhibits an overall positive attitude.
  • Utilizes sound judgment and decision-making skills.
  • Uses Standard English in oral and written communication.
  • Works as a productive team member with the instructor, families, affiliate school and all agency personnel as well as other stakeholders.
  • Is adaptable in dealing with individual and cultural differences.
  • Protects the privacy of individuals and the confidentiality of information unless disclosure services a professional purpose or is required by law.
  • Avoids action that could result in conflicts of interest.

NOTE: The Skills Trainer will be expected to perform other duties as deemed necessary

and appropriate by the CEO and/or designee. In order to fulfill full-time hours, the Skills

Trainer will cover shifts in Community Employment/Production as an Employment Trainer.